Our Strategy & Transformation Services are designed with Digital in mind. The Services help you in Discovery, Strategy, Capability Assessment, Structuring, and Management of your Digital Transformation.



These Workshops range from overviews of Digital Trends relevant to your Industry, to comparative studies how others have tackled similar issues. They are tailored to your specific needs, can be frontal presentations, facilitated conversations, or fully facilitated workshops with defined outcomes.
Our clients use this as tool for gaining buy-in and to accelerate decision making around digital transformations.

Digital Strategy Reviews

Digital Strategy is at the heart of our 20+ years of experience. We review the fit of your digital strategy with digital trends, your strategic assets, and the corporate strategy.
As an outcome we there is typically a validated digital vision, strategic priorities, and a transformation roadmap to ensure digital success for your business.

A Digital Audit can be part of the review up front. The portfolio of alldigital activities is collected and assessed. It creates the Digital Atlas for your business and flags initiatives against predefined criteria.


Our assessment of your digital capabilities allows you to identify best practices and gaps in 6 key areas for Digital Transformations: Innovation Capability, Transformation Capability, IT Excellence, Customer Centricity, Knowledge Worker, Operational Excellence.
This provides a prioritization for training plans, hiring strategies, and partnering needs.

DIGITAL Transformation Management Office

We design and build jointly with our clients Digital Transformation Management Offices (DTMO) with one mandate: Digital success. The DTMO and its in-house team will drive your digital agenda, act as advocates, and ensure digital programs are implemented and governed effectively and efficiently.


Besides building Digital Transformation Management Offices (DTMO), we can also run Digital Transformations. Our project managers are versed in transformation program management methodologies and are certified.