Our Business Process Digitization Services are designed to identify and select digital usecases, run proof of concepts on them, and to get them implemented.



The Digital Usecase is the keystone of every digitization. Through an ideation process usecases are drafted for further qualification of their business impact, their priority, required roadmap and business case. This leads to fully qualified digital usecases which can be decided upon, funded, and moved to the build portfolio.


The goal of the Digital Proof of Concept (dPOC) is to assess in an iterative approach the viability of usecases with potential end users involved. It’s done with Prototyping methodologies, and includes requirements validation, UX/UI-concepts, digital Architecture, IT-landscape integration. dPOCs are key for deciding large investments.

Implementation Management

We provide for qualified digital usecases the associated project management services. Our project managers are versed in transformation program management methodologies and are certified. Our key metrics are project success, in time, in budget.